Our Services

• Qualified committed field and administration staff
• Market your wool with WISS – or sell to market.
• Weekly auction in the largest wool selling centre in the world – MELBOURNE
• Electronic selling through Wooltrade
• Instant access to our data base for all details of your clip
• All lots immediately re-valued after any sale day
• Annual profit sharing through our selling rebate over $2M distributed to date.
• Registered, licensed risk manager on staff
• Sale proceeds secured in a trust account – NOT used to run the business
• Free weekly market report and news
• Wool producer owned and controlled
• Client focused
• Interlots sold at auction – NOT purchased and sold to advantage by Broker
• Storage charged after 12 months and most importantly
• Competitive charging structure – compare our account sales with your current service provider’s account sales

All sites are registered with the Australian Wool Exchange for the pre-sale certification and preparation of wool for sale.

Specialised Services Available:
  • Risk Management Advice
  • Ram Selection
  • Sheep Classing
  • Shearing Advances
  • Finance
Grower Rebate

Per bale rebates on selling charges have been as follows:

10 Year Average     $3.12 Per Bale

  5 Year Average     $2.57 Per Bale

Wool Account Registration

Wool Account Registration

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Trust Account

“You can trust the broker with the trust account.”

Once your wool is sold, buyers pay the proceeds directly into the WISS TRUST ACCOUNT.

This ensures that your wool funds are quarantined from the general funds of the company. It is an important point when considering the style of a trust account.


Woolgrowers Independent Selling Services offer to growers a unique OML ( Objectively Matched Interlots) system for their 1&2 bale lines of Merino FLC, PCS & BLS.

This allows for wools to be appraised and matched together building to a 4 Bale line or larger and following the sale paying growers an equity payment depending on individual test results.

All Crossbred and Carding wools are subjectively matched and in both cases the auction room prices are completely transparent allowing the wool producer to follow the progress of their smaller lines.

Woolgrowers Independent Selling Services takes great pride in providing the trade with quality Interlots which in turn are strongly supported at sale time.



Electronic Marketing

Woolgrowers Independent Selling Services offer to clients an alternative to the traditional auction sales by having their wool on offer to the global wool industry 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Wooltrade since its inception has sold over 150,000 bales.

  • Wooltrade is an internet based selling system
  • Has over 50 companies continually sourcing wool
  • Allowing clients to access their wool clip giving instructions via the WISS Grower website
  • Having wool sold on individual lots or consignment parcels
  • Taking advantage on short spikes in the market to maximise their returns
Annual General Meeting


Holds its Annual General Meeting during the month of October at varying locations.

Following the Chairman’s Report, Financial Report and the appointment of 3 directors on a 3 year rotation, the meeting is opened up to client members to enable a platform for general discussion on any given topic which may help benefit the company for the present and future directions.

This year, the 41st Annual General Meeting will be conducted via Zoom on Friday 16th October 2020, commencing at 9.00am.

  Note: A WISS Client is defined as a Woolgrower who has sold wool via Woolgrowers Independent Selling Services Ltd in two of the last three years.

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Selling Charges

Members National Council of Wool Selling Brokers and Australian Wool Exchange Ltd.
Wiss is wool grower owned and controlled. All profits are returned to growers each year as a per bale rebate.

Over the past 41 years, Wiss has returned over $2 million in rebate to its growers.

Auction or electronic selling and warehousing $30.00
Per bale total charge inc. 12 months storage no charge for re-offers.

For wool delivered to Melbourne, Ararat, Yarrawonga, Hamilton, Adelaide, Lara:

Wiss selling charge plus 7 cents per kg.

Bulk Class
Wiss selling charge plus 13 cents per kg.

1, 2 and 3 bale lines as a lot
Wiss selling charge plus $8.00 per bale.

Sheep back to store and fire insurance at 0.45% of gross proceeds.

Competitive charges with quality service.

Interactive Marketing

For growers wishing to view test results, unsold lot status, lots sold since last visit. See the history of how many buyers have looked at their wool on the electronic wool exchange. Make an electronic physical forward offer and view bids. View sales history, print all of the above and forward instructions by email.Please submit the following form to receive a USERNAME and PASSWORD.

Auction Selling

Through its membership NATIONAL COUNCIL OF WOOL SELLING BROKERS and the AUSTRALIAN WOOL EXCHANGE we sell at regular Melbourne sales.

Before sale you will be contacted by us with a market appraisal price (valuation) for all lots in the sale. The appraisal price is the last known average price for that type of wool. We do not attempt to adjust this price so that you can give us informed selling instructions. You may reserve any lots or request us to sell at market value on the day. There is no charge for passed in or re-offered lots.