• Qualified committed field and administration staff
• Market your wool with WISS – or sell to market.
• Weekly auction in the largest wool selling centre in the world – MELBOURNE
• Electronic selling through Wooltrade
• All lots immediately re-valued after any sale day
• Annual profit sharing through our selling rebate over $2M distributed to date.
• Registered, licensed risk manager on staff
• Free weekly market report and news
• Wool producer owned and controlled
• Client focused
• Interlots sold to best client advantage
• Storage charged after 12 months
• Competitive charging structure – compare our account sales with your current service provider’s account sales

All sites are registered with the Australian Wool Exchange for the pre-sale certification and preparation of wool for sale.

Specialised Services Available:
  • Risk Management Advice
  • Ram Selection
  • Sheep Classing
  • Shearing Advances
  • Finance